The following Diagnostic X-Ray scans are available at our Elizabethton office and Johnson City office: 
Abdomen I  A-C Joint I Ankle I Bone Age I Calcaneus Heel I Chest I Clavicle I Elbow I Facial Bones I Femur I Fingers I Foot I Forearm I Hand I Hip I Humerus I Knee I Mandible I Nasal Bone I Orbits I Pelvis I Ribs I Sacrum/Coccyz I Scapula I Shoulder I SI Joints I Sinus I Skull I Soft Tissue Neck I Spine I Sternum I Tibia/Fibula I Toes I Wrist

What is an X-Ray? X-ray technology uses electromagnetic radiation to make images. The image is recorded on a film, called a radiograph. The parts of your body appear light or dark due to the different rates that your tissues absorb the X-rays. Calcium in bones absorbs X-rays the most, so bones look white on the radiograph. Fat and other soft tissues absorb less, and look gray. Air absorbs least, so lungs look black. Health care professionals use X-Ray to look for broken bones, problems in your lungs and abdomen, and many other problems.

X-ray examination is painless, fast and easy. The amount of radiation exposure you receive during an X-ray examination is small.

All of our X-rays are digital and can be transferred and viewed electronically to either office or to an outside radiologist / specialist for additional physician interpretation.

X-Ray Prep
Patient Instructions: 

– For your convenience please wear loose, comfortable clothing with no metal snaps, buckles, or buttons. Hospital gowns will be available if needed.

Estimated Test Duration:
15 – 45 minutes

*Standing views are available at Medical Care Johnson City ONLY*

If you have any questions regarding your upcoming appointment, call our Radiology department at (423) 431-0315.