Medical Care Announcements

New TennCare Requirement

Is a Medical Care provider name on your insurance card?

Effective AUGUST 1st, 2015,  TennCare will not allow us to see or treat any patient if one of our providers is not on your insurance card.

If you have BlueCare or United Healthcare:

Visit us at any Medical Care location. Ask the receptionist for a completed form. Sign & return this form, and Medical Care can FAX to switch providers (PCP) on your behalf. You may also call your Insurance provider directly:

  • BlueCare: Please call 1-800-468-9698 to change PCP.
  • United Healthcare: Please call 1-800-690-1606 to change PCP.

If you have Amerigroup:

You must call 1-800-878-3192 and change to BlueCare or United Healthcare to be able to have Medical Care as your Prmary Care Provider.

To continue receiving medical attention at Medical Care, this information must be changed before AUGUST 1st, 2015.