CT Scan


The following CT Scans are available at our Elizabethton and/or Johnson City offices:  Abdomen | Chest | Extremities | Head | Maxofacial | Neck Soft Tissues | Pelvis | Sinus | Spine | Stone Protocol

Computed tomography (CT) is a diagnostic procedure that uses special X-ray equipment to create cross-sectional pictures of your body. CT images are produced using X-ray technology and powerful computers. The uses of CT scans include looking for: Early detection of lung cancer,  Broken bones,  Cancers,  Blood clots, Signs of heart disease, and Internal bleeding.

During a CT scan, you lie still on a table. The table slowly passes through the center of a large X-ray machine. The test is painless. During some tests you may receive a contrast dye, which makes parts of your body show up better in the image.

From National Library of Medicine

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