Medical Care Foundation


The mission of the Medical Care Foundation is to provide for our patients and employees in times of need. For patients, we strive to be a short-term solution for food, clothing, hygiene items, and other specific needs, while helping them connect with resources that can assist long term. For employees, we assist financially during times that include but are not limited to: extended illness, illness of a family member, or a death in the family. A patient or employee who might need assistance is brought to the attention of the Medical Care Foundation Board, so we can help as needed within the requirements of our by laws.

Medical Care Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)3 non profit organization by the State of Tennessee and the federal government.

Our Board of Directors include:

  • Angel White, Co-President
  • Emilee Berry, Co-President
  • Dewey Whaley, Treasurer
  • Steve Hopland
  • Jan Gouge
  • Heather Fritts
  • Don Hembree
  • Gwen Hendrix

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We love our patients and would love you at medical care!