Annual Wellness Exams

All adults aged 18 and older need one wellness exam each year. Wellness Examinations help your doctor determine the general status of your health. Read below for what to expect at your exam, including what will be checked, what tests to expect, reasons to schedule a separate appointment with your provider, and more.


  • Your height, weight, BMI, and blood pressure will be checked. Your provider will also perform an age-appropriate physical examination on you.
  • Women may bees a breast exam, pap smear, and/or pelvic exam.
  • Men may need a prostate exam, testicular exam, and hernia check.

What will be checked?

  • Your provider will determine if you should have bloodwork performed. Bloodwork may include cholesterol and blood sugar testing.
  • Your family and social history will also be updated. This includes smoking status, alcohol intake, and marital status.

What else should you expect?

  • Your provider will also review other “screening tests” that may be recommended for you. Examples of tests may include colonoscopy, mammogram, and bone density.
  • Your provider may review your diet, exercise regimen, and other health-affecting lifestyle issues.
  • Age & risk-appropriate immunizations should he updated according to CDC guidelines.

Schedule a separate appointment to cover immediate health concerns.

  • A good wellness exam takes the entire visit.
  • A major medical concern (like chest pain) deserves its own visit to be treated correctly.
  • Ongoing medical issues (diabetes, blood pressure, etc.) are ideally addressed at a separate visit.

The Importance of Annual Physical Exams

  • Join Reazyn DeMoss, APN, as she explains The Importance of Annual Adult Physicals, and their role in health maintenance and disease prevention.
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